Who We Are 

We Make a Difference, One Outfit at a Time

Our Vision

We help fashion retailers sell better by eliminating points of friction in the customer journey.

Our Manifesto

We believe expanding the brands digital assortment by offering relevant outfit combinations is the practical approach to a profitable and sustainable fashion industry .

StyleClueless outfit combinations offer not only an increasingly important sales channel, it also helps fashion brands make each step in the value chain better, faster and efficient.


Why StyleClueless

Simplifying product discovery

Increasing number of SKU’s, digital and physical garments and apparel, create a confusing customer experience

Educate your customer

Connect with your customer help them understand how they can create different looks

Digital lookbook

Provide your stylist, sales associate and VM a complementary tool to reduce errors and work faster

Data to improve brand loyalty

Understand your customer, use your data analytics to learn what your customer prefer and love


StyleClueless for Digital Channels & Virtual Stores

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Here is What Our Loyal Clients Say

“Visually offering several outfits helped the customer to rapidly understand which matching items he can add to create the right outfit for him, without wearying him out by asking him to try on different combinations that don’t match his style” @store